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Progen is a developer of world class application development tool-kits and ERP Systems having over 20 years of experience in research and development in Information Technology. Progen specializes in Pharmaceutical ERP and Paper Industry ERP.

Progen-ERP(PERP) is a Web-based ERP Software that covers all the functional areas in a Pharmaceutical/Bulk/API/Chemical/FMCG Enterprise.

Progen ERP

*Progen ERP is a software which Specialises in pharma.

*Progen have experience of 25  years & more, Knowledgebase of progen team for pharma is quite high.

*More than 250 customers in india and abroad.


*A Pharmaceutical ERP should take care of any Bulk, API & Formulation companies.Further, these companies can be Allopathic, Ayurvedic & Homeopathy

*Progen is a Pioneer in Pharmaceuticals with more than 800 sites installation worldwide for above segments.

Why This?

*Progen software is easy to use and not bulky like other software.

*This software is highly parametrised so as we enable or disable the features based on customers.

*Progen ERP has a customisable report definer tool

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